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In the very heart of Ventspils – the market of Ventspils, there is the Ventspils Winery “WINDAUWINES”, where one site the wines, ciders, sparkling wines and strong beverages are produced.

Drinks are made from berries, fruits, flowers and even birch juice – all harvested around Ventspils. Whereas especially delicious honey-based wines and strong beverages comes from the homeland of the winemaker- Lubana, where father and brother of the winemaker are engaged in beekeeping.

Particularly known and the favorite is Birch juice wine – a wine which has traveled to the farthest placesof the world, such as Japan, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Russia, etc.

The wineries assortment is varied, we constantly offer more than five different types of wines, several types of liqueurs, vodka, even brandy and Calvados (apple brandy).

Our products can be purchased at our shop located on Tirgus street 8, Ventspils, also in various off-site sales. We also offer wine or strong drink tasting, for which it would be necessary to agree upon in advance.

Looking forward to meeting in Ventspils Winery.
Winemaker Dainis Plūme.
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